Why We're Different

Many of us have been involved in other technology service businesses prior to CCB and when we formed our group over fifteen years ago, we set out to redefine what it meant to deliver excellent technical service. Our success has been built on three vital components:


  • Our commitment to becoming and remaining highly technically competent

  • Our commitment to developing strong people skills. Organizations are made up of people and we take that seriously

  • Stay nimble; the ability to respond quickly without bureaucratic barriers, to stay agile


This combination of hard and soft skills equips every member of our team with the well-rounded ability to communicate with customers and with each other.  Remaining nimble is the main hurdle to any organization over time.  Historically, the larger an organization becomes, the less agile they are.  Rules and policies have a way or overshadowing relationships.  The commitment to remaining a "flat organization" where every team member can take action to serve a customer and allow them the freedom to be "heroic" is what we have chosen to focus our efforts on.

Read on below to find out about Our Beginnings, Our Community Involvement, and The Customer Voice and why all of these reinforce our commitment to remaining nimble.


What We Do

Schedule a Consult Meeting

This is a low pressure, fact-finding meeting that usually lasts about one hour.  We will work to understand your business and the current context of your IT needs and and how we may be able to help you.

Meet your Account Manager


You'll meet your very own dedicated Account Manager and our Director of Customer Care.  These two staff members are your advocates for receiving a personalized service plan from CCB.

Assess Your Systems


We'll document every aspect of your network and software environment and give you a security overview.  Our findings will be non-technical and easy to understand.

Create a Plan for Stability & Reliability


Each and every recommendation we make will have budgets, timelines, and a complete impact review.  We don't change what we don't understand and keeping you up and running is our top priority.

Provide High-Touch Service


You shouldn't have to worry that critical IT considerations aren't being brought to your attention or that changes are being implemented without your involvement.  We keep communication open and trust intact every step of the way.

World-class Follow Through


Your staff shouldn't have to follow up to check on the status of a ticket or "remind the computer guys" that something has never been addressed.  We have multiple checkpoints in our processes so nothing gets dropped or overlooked.


Who We Are

At a Glance

Our team of qualified engineers provide installation, repair and training with equipment from all major data and telephone vendors and have met the requirements for low voltage certification in Georgia.


We have the experience, technical expertise and resources to take your project from start to finish with no missteps.

Corporate Headquarters:  Valdosta, Georgia

Our Beginnings

In 2005 two people decided to start a technology business that would provide high-touch, high quality, and high-competence service in an industry where you can usually get one or two of these, but never all three.

Having cut their teeth on one of the early internet service companies that existed in Valdosta, they understood the importance of the internet and the absolute necessity for robust security.


We are now a team of engineers that come to work each day with a singular focus; excel at technical competence and maintain a genuine interest in the well-being of the customer.  Anyone can start a technology service business, but no one can stack a team like we can.  This philosophy is allowing us to have an impact on the standards that technology service is delivered.  While we consistently maintain our foundation of incredibly competent team members with technical training, our investment in developing the softer "people" skills is equally important to our success.

We continue to expand our product offering and staff while retaining the personal focus on service that has made us successful.  We now offer the most comprehensive suite of computer, network, telephone, and security solutions in this region.

Community Involvement

We pride ourselves on being active members and participants in our city, county and region.  We donate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year to local charities and causes that we value.

Members of our staff also take an active role in our local government and business organizations like the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce.

The Customer Voice


Hey!  How did we do?


Our goal is to make each and every customer insanely satisfied with our service and we train our staff to do "whatever it takes".  Early on we saw the value of having a customer service advocate who is dedicated to improving and fine-tuning our service.  If we can help in any way, please call our Customer Care Manager at 229-259-0104.


We also perform personal follow-up calls after service tickets and these are reviewed daily by our management team.


This is not something I normally do, but working in service

This is not something I normally do, but working in customer service makes you notice things SO much more. After a few not so great experiences we decided to call CCB Tech Group. I was so impressed by Bonita who got me scheduled immediately and called me back right away.


We had quite a mess that was a lot more work than anticipated so they scheduled us and returned back first thing the next morning. They spent something like 5-6 hours cleaning up the mess that was done previously. I deal with many vendors in my job and it’s rare that we receive the service that we were given last week. So THANK you to Bonita, Freddy & Wayne. Y’all are AWESOME!

Keeli Thomason

Southern Scrubs


Contact Us

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4069 Inner Perimeter Road

Valdosta, GA 31602


Phone: 229-259-0104

Fax:  229-259-0106

Office Hours

Monday – Friday  08:00 AM – 5:30 PM

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