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Why Secure Points?

Companies are moving away from using a "call when it breaks" model for their IT support. They are discovering a significant loss of productivity between the time their system goes down and when it can be brought back to working order. Secure Points provides a stable working platform for companies who can not afford to lose information or be without their technology in order to conduct business.


Secure Points is a comprehensive, 'invisible' service program. Designed specifically for small and medium businesses, Secure Points provides behind-the-scenes continuous monitoring of crucial technical components in order to keep systems running smoothly. When we do our job well, you won't see us except to perform monthly checks on hardware. Secure Points provides the most reliable IT solution for a company who can not afford to be out of service. 

CCB Tech Group has been providing service to small and medium businesses and healthcare providers for over 15 years. Call today at 229-259-0104 and let us provide you with a free, no obligation proposal for moving your business to a Secure Points plan.

Service Plans
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