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Get Support Now!

We understand that computer problems can be very frustrating and we are here to help.

We recognize that different customers want different methods of requesting support.  For serious or critical support requests, always call our office and speak to the Help Desk at 229-259-0104.  A friendly team member will create a ticket for your problem and an engineer will be assigned to the ticket.  You will receive frequent updates on your issue until it is resolved.

For lower priority requests, you may send an email to

It is often helpful for one of our technical engineers to connect to your computer directly to see an error message or take a screenshot of a problem.  Please note:  We will never call you directly and ask to connect to your computer.  For security reasons, always request to call us back so you can be sure the request originated from an engineer here at CCB.

We use Splashtop Remote for remote online support, making connecting to your computer fast and easy.

Here is how the process works:​


  1. Call 229-259-0104 and ask to speak to a support engineer

  2. Browse to or click the blue button located below.

  3. A small program will be downloaded to your computer.  If the download does not start automatically, let the support engineer know.

  4. Launch the downloaded program.  It may be in your "Downloads" folder.

  5. Give the 9-digit number to the CCB support engineer

  6. When you want to end the support session, be sure to quit the program.  This ensures your computer cannot be remotely accessed any more until you download and run the program again.

  7. If you have questions, the technician will be on the phone with you during the connection process.

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