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Zero Trust - ThreatLocker Features 

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These features meet or exceed the requirements for most cyber-liability insurance policies.  We are happy to review your application and show you how we can help you save money on your premiums.


Allowlisting has long been considered the gold standard in protecting businesses from known and unknown executables. Unlike antivirus, Allowlisting puts you in control over what software, scripts, executables, and libraries can run on your endpoints and servers. This approach not only stops malicious software, but it also stops other unpermitted applications from running. This approach greatly minimizes cyber threats by stopping rogue applications from running on your network.



Controlling what software can run should be the first line of defense when it comes to better protecting yourself against malicious software. Ringfencing™ adds a second line of defense for applications that are permitted. First, by defining how applications can interact with each other, and secondly, by controlling what resources applications can access, such as networks, files, and registries. Ringfencing™ is an invaluable tool in the fight against fileless malware and software exploits.


Elevation Control:

Run select applications as a local admin and remove local admin permissions without stopping productivity!  When it comes to adding extra layers of security to your cyber security stack, it is important to always add a human layer. Users with admin access are often the weakest link across your network, so their movements must be monitored and tracked. ThreatLocker's Elevation Control provides an additional layer of security by giving IT administrators the power to remove local admin privileges from their users, whilst allowing them to run individual applications as an administrator.


Storage Control:

Giving you complete control over your storage devices, including USB and network shares.  ThreatLocker® Storage Control is an advanced storage control solution that protects information. We give you the tools to control the flow and access of data. You can choose what data can be accessed, or copied, and the applications, users, and computers that can access said data. By using ThreatLocker®, you are in control of your file servers, USB drives, and your data.


Network Access Control:

Network Access Control allows for total control of inbound traffic to your protected devices. Using custom-built policies, you can allow granular access based on IP address or even specific keywords. Unlike a VPN that needs to connect through a central point, the ThreatLocker NAC is a simple connection between server and client. ThreatLocker NAC is built in a way that creates a seamless experience, enabling users to work as normal while eliminating the need for a solution, such as a complicated VPN.


Schedule a demo.  Call 229-259-0104 and ask to speak to Lee McArthur.

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